Is Your SEO Professional Doing a Good Job?

April 10, 2023

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a complex service involving many factors, and it can be challenging to understand if your service provider is doing what they’re supposed to. Here’s how to determine if you’re overpaying someone.

They promise unrealistic results:

If your service provider says they will get your site on top of search results in a week or a month, or they guarantee you will have a specific number of organic visitors, this could mean they are trying to scam you. SEO is never a short-term process. It requires consistent work over more extended periods to deliver reliable results.

Untransparent relationship:

Your provider should offer transparent information about their strategies to improve your SEO efforts. At the same time, they should update you on their current tasks and give you regular reports on the work they’ve done. If not, this is a clear red flag they aren’t doing the work you’re paying them for.

Lack of communication:

If the SEO professional working for you doesn’t give you timely answers to your questions or you can’t reach them through any communication channel, it might be a sign they’re not taking their work seriously.

Some untrustworthy SEO providers use black hat tactics like creating spammy content with stuffed keywords, bought links, or copied content that will ultimately result in your website having lower rankings and even getting banned by Google.

Shady billing practices:

If your provider is sending you bills for some random services you didn’t agree on, or they’re charging you for things they haven’t done, you are probably getting scammed.

SEO is a long-term process involving multiple practices and methods for improving your content and website to increase its visibility and help it rank higher in search engine results. You should pay for services that actually improve your SEO and have the provider explain why they are currently engaged in specific activities.

There’s no magical quick fix for a website’s SEO

SEO involves many aspects, including user behavior, competitor analysis, keyword research, keyword placement, and tracking current search engine algorithms. These are all data-driven tasks – SEO professionals need the correct data to determine the best course of action.

SEO also involves various technical skills like data analysis, server administration, website development, and SEO analytics. Acquiring these skills requires a lot of time, and professionals often need to know how they correlate to each other at any given moment.

SEO is a long-term strategy requiring constant improvements and maintenance. That includes things like optimizing pages, building links, creating content, and analyzing your website.

You can’t get SEO results overnight. Moving your website into a higher SERP position. With the proper practices, it would take over a month to see improvements and the actual result of your work.

Nobody can guarantee you SEO success. Even though SEO experts can bring in more traffic and increase visibility, they can’t ensure that this traffic will instantly turn into valuable leads or sales. Improving the conversion rates of your website is a different process.

In the end, SEO requires time and understanding of the complex aspects of your site and search engine algorithms. It involves continuous efforts with the proper technical and strategic knowledge to bring your website to a better position.

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