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Whether you manage a single boat or an entire fleet, innovative online booking and reservations system can save you time and money and help you grow your business.


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GoFish.Rocks Online Booking Platform

Efficiently manage a single boat or an entire fleet with Gofish.Rocks innovative online booking platform. Configurable for charters, open-party or head-boat bookings and more, we have configurations for virtually all boat and boat-landing business models.

What is GoFish.Rocks?

Here at, we believe in a simpler and easier way to book your next charter boat, fishing trip, or boat tour. Reservations for Sportfishing should be relaxing and easy, not a pain in the neck. With other charter boat reservation systems, you’ll end up paying a lot more than you otherwise would. Why would you spend more at other charting services when you could save a ton of money with us? Let’s explain now why our rates are so much lower for the same experience!

Industry Leading Pricing

Most booking companies charge a percentage of the money you make on bookings, while we operate on a simple flat rate charge. Our low flat rate of 99 cents per passenger will literally blow the competition out of the water. No longer will you have to lose percentages of your total profits, which would scale higher and higher the more you make on a booking.

The secret to what makes the best and most affordable sportfishing charter service around is the difference to your bottom line. With that percentage taken out of your profits from other booking services, your bottom line will look a lot less appealing. Imagine booking with another provider, who may take out a percentage of anywhere from 3% to 20%! That’s a lot of lost money, when you could be losing only a few cents per passenger with our booking service.

Our pricing model also makes it so much easier to project how much money you'll have to spend on booking. With varying percentages charged at other booking companies, you'll never be able to project their cut. With us, however, you'll always know how much profits you'll be taking home.

Full Featured Booking Platform

So, what else does our unique software do for you? It's more than just a simple booking program, allowing you to streamline trip management, get paid directly, access our check in system, notify your customers, create custom charters, and automatically track every booking action. We know that sometimes you may want extra ability to manage your bookings, and our software can provide all of that. You'll even get a dynamic fish count to let your customers know what fish they could catch on your vessel!

The deal is this: we want you to succeed! Your success is our mission, as our success if based on yours. When you book more and make higher profits, so do we. As such, we're motivated to give you all the right tools for success. Our booking software has been carefully designed and curated to optimize the amount of success you can achieve by using it.

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We believe that charter booking should never cost you an arm and a fin! Book today with to see the difference our software can make on your bottom line. Like so many of our customers before, we know you'll never end up going back to your old booking provider. Try our software today, which will embed onto your website and allow your customers to book through you. Using a charter booking service has never been easier than it is at!

Low 99¢ per-passenger Fee

While many of our competitors charge based on a percentage of your price, GoFish.Rocks has a simple, low, per-passenger fee. Whatever the ticket price, we provide the same level of services to you, so we charge the same price.

If you are being charged a percentage fee from your current reservation and booking provider, we believe that GoFish.Rocks can save you money. In many cases the savings can be substantial. Click below to learn more and use our pricing calculators to find out how much you can save.

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Free Booking Cancellations

We know that many fishing boat, charter boat, and boat tour businesses end uip with a lot of cancelled bookings regularly. Most often due to weather or other natural factors beyond your control. That's why we don't charge our fee for a cancelled booking. If the passenger doesn't take the trip, or the boat can't run, you don't get paid, so we don't either.

When a trip individual booking is cancelled, the booking fee that was charged becomes a credit. If the passenger re-books the trip using the credit, then the original fee stays, we only charge the one single booking fee for the cancellation and rebooking. If the passenger is refunded, then our fees become a credit that will be deducted from later booking fees.

Low 99¢ per-passenger Fee

We think out low fee is the best deal in the industry!

No Fees for Cancelled Bookings

No fee is incurred for cancelled bookings. If a customer cancels or a trip doesn't run, the booking fee does not apply.

We don't touch your money!

Many other booking systems require you to use their own payment processing. Not us, your money stays with you.

Keep your customers

Keep your customers on your own website, you don't have to divert your customers to another website to complete bookings.

Direct SMS communication

Save huge amounts of time using SMS messaging instead of calling your customers.

Available Live Support

Need help? You can talk with a real live human to help you with your issue.

Free On-Boarding

We will get you configured and trained for free. Most setups can be completed within one day.

No Long-Term Contract

Use our service exactly as long as you want to, there is no lock-in.

No Hidden Fees

We try to keep our fees as simple and transparent as possible. We make money when you make money.

How does our Online Boat Booking System work?