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Seamless booking, fast payment processing, and all the features you need – all bundled into a single solution.

GoFish.Rocks is a comprehensive charter booking reservation software that makes your job easier. Regardless of the size of your tour business and the number of boats under your command, GoFish.Rocks gives you the tools you need to provide your customers with the experiences they’re after.

Without confusing percentage fees, subscriptions, and overwhelming payment plans, you'll get a sophisticated booking solution that integrates directly into your website for a flat rate. What’s more, if you have no bookings for a tour, you have no fees to think about.

Simplicity, convenience, and flexibility are what you receive with our charter booking software.

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Ensure the utmost customer satisfaction

Your website can be a powerful tool when used right - don't let it serve as a simple leaflet. It's not enough to just use it to introduce your services only to force your customers to abandon it when they want to make a booking.

That's the fastest way to lose the interest of your prospective customers.

If you want to keep the attention of your website visitors and convert them into paying customers, you need a site that offers the utmost convenience for a great price.

With seamless online boat booking and payment processing, you can impress your customers and ensure their utmost satisfaction, keeping visitors on your site longer and allowing them to book your services at their convenience.

Automate booking processes and focus on the core of your business

A simple process such as booking can quickly become a time-consuming nightmare. You must collect customer information, keep track of your schedule, manage cancellations, set payment reminders, and much more. If you approach the task manually, you’ll quickly lose track of essential information, causing problems for your customers and your business as a whole.

With GoFish.Rocks, you can fully automate all your bookings, cancellations, and more. You’ll no longer have to scramble to find customer information, dig through mountains of paperwork to check your availability schedule, or use incompatible platforms to set reservations and process payments.

GoFish.Rocks handles all these processes, giving you time to focus on the core of your business and prioritize growth and development.

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Charter booking software customized to your needs

Our software for charter booking is designed to meet your unique needs. It seamlessly integrates with your website, allowing your customers to book your tours and pay for your services without ever leaving your page.

You won't have to transfer your site visitors to third-party booking platforms where they can get exposed to your competitors. You won’t have to worry about them finding their way back to your site.

GoFish.Rocks works directly on your website, minimizing distractions for your site visitors and allowing them to complete the entire booking process on a single page. No interference with your buyer's journey and no confusion.

With 24/7 support from our live agents, you and your customers can sit back, relax, and enjoy a seamless experience.

Wherever you are and whenever you need us, we're just a quick phone call or text away.

Take control of your bookings with rich features

GoFish.Rocks is a comprehensive booking solution with advanced features that make your job easier. Explore some of the main features that will help you take control of your bookings.

24/7 availability

With manual bookings, you're immediately turning away prospective customers who want to reach out to you outside your office hours.

Use GoFish.Rocks to ensure 24/7 availability and empower your customers to book your tours at their convenience.

Seamless booking

Your customers can book a tour in just a few clicks, with no human interaction needed using our charter booking software. Depending on your customer's preferences, you can even create manual charters through GoFish.Rocks and include bookings made via phone and in person.

To minimize cancellations and no-shows, use GoFish.Rocks' customizable communication templates to send SMS and email reminders and notifications to keep your customers updated on any relevant changes.

Easy payment processing

Offer your customers the power of choice by accepting payments from all the major card networks, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AmEx. Simplify processes through payment gateways like Stripe,, QuickBooks, and Square, and fully customize your gateway settings, convenience fees, taxes, and processing fees.

Better processing deals

If you need a credit card processor, GoFish.Rocks works directly with for the best rates available. Like GoFish.Rocks, they have no charges for cancellations, saving you a lot of money on processing fees once a customer has canceled their ticket. Additionally, their concierge services deal with chargebacks directly, saving you the headaches of this part of the business.

Detailed events calendar

Use our detailed events calendar to keep an eye on all your tours, boats, and events at once. Explore your bookings by boat, trip, or status, or get an overview of all your active and canceled events.

Take things a step further and show your customers your full trip calendar to encourage them to make a booking.

Unlimited ticket types and charter bookings

With GoFish.Rocks, you can create unlimited ticketed events and ticket types. Create chartered events with multiple ticket options, open boat events, and add multiple trips per boat. Set up unique tickets for children, adults, seniors, veterans, and other groups, and manage them all from a single, centralized database.

Streamlined search

Using our charter booking software, you can seamlessly collect any information you need. Rely on advanced search to gain insights into your customer information, transaction IDs, pending payments, refunds, event dates, and more.

Insightful reports

With our boat payout reports, you'll get a complete financial statement showing how much you've made in profits. Enjoy individual trip reports for each boat in your fleet, look at your shift reports for multiple boats simultaneously, examine your boat expenses, and even get an overview of any denied transactions.

Simplify charter booking

Whether you're offering public chartered events, private fishing trips, small boating tours, or anything in between, you can rely on GoFish.Rocks to simplify your charter bookings.

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