Gofish Mission Statement

February 9, 2023

Harbor full of boats
Note: The pricing information in this article may be out of date. For current priicing please refer to our pricing page.

GoFish.rocks is dedicated to streamlining your charter boat reservations and helping you attract more customers with less effort, and with most affordable prices on the market.

Our goals are to provide seamless reservation experiences that improve customer satisfaction, simplify bookings, and help you outperform competitors.

We achieve this by customizing our software solutions to meet your precise needs and offering expert guidance that will turn you into the biggest fish in the pond.

Learn how GoFish.rocks can transform your business.

Helping you achieve better results

Whether they’re interested in sport fishing, whale-watching tours, boat charters, tour operators or anything in between, your customers want simplicity above all else. They don’t want to go through loops to decipher the tours you have in your offer and make their booking. All they want is to book your tour and be done with it.

The more complicated your reservation systems are, the more prospective customers you’ll turn away. GoFish.rocks is designed to help you achieve better results by offering you and your customers the utmost convenience. With our solution, you can fully automate your bookings, allowing your customers to schedule their tours with a single click – without going back and forth with your staff and support agents. We deliver simplicity above all else.

Offering consistent pricing

A seamless booking experience is essential for any boat tour business that wants to stay afloat. That’s why we ensure that every boat tour business can deliver just that – without breaking the bank! All our services are available to you at a flat rate of ¢99 per guest, and you can easily transfer that expense to your customers or cover it yourself.

We don’t believe that charging by percentage is fair play, as your expenses would be higher the more bookings you have. We don’t want to discourage you from increasing your bookings – quite the contrary! We want to empower you to attract more customers, make more reservations, and expand your business.

You can charge for your tours however much you want and have as many or as few tours a month as you want. Our fee will always remain the same. Whether you’re charging $40 per guest or $4,000, you’ll have a flat rate of just ¢99 per customer.

If your customer cancels, there’s no fee. If you have no bookings in a month, there’s no fee. If you have thousands of bookings in a month, your customers get a small service fee of ¢99, and your business incurs no additional expenses.

Designing solutions that suit your needs

With our complete online booking system, you’ll have everything you need to ensure the utmost satisfaction of your customers. You’ll remain available to prospective customers 24/7, as all your online bookings will be fully automated. You’ll maximize your reservations while minimizing cancellations, as your customers will have a seamless booking experience. You’ll enjoy greater customer satisfaction, as you’ll reduce the risk of human error with your bookings.

All of the features and capabilities of GoFish.rocks are designed to suit your specific needs, reduce your workload, and empower your customers.

Helping you increase your bookings

GoFish.rocks is more than a simple booking solution. Our goal isn’t solely to simplify your bookings but to help you outperform your competitors altogether. That’s why we offer expert guidance on how you leave your competitors in the dust.

We can help you deliver a more effective organic marketing approach that increases your website traffic and allows you to take on even the biggest businesses in your industry.

It’s not enough for you to simply have a website where the customers who already know about you can book your tours. You need to turn your website into your brand ambassador, use it to increase your visibility, and attract new customers. You can only do so if you know what search terms your prospective customers use to look up businesses in your niche, then create relevant content using those search terms.

We can offer you thorough keyword research and expert guidance on organic marketing that helps you stand out from the competitors – all free of charge.

The better you do, the better we do

At GoFish.rocks, our aim is to help your business reach new heights. We are devoted to ensuring your business has what it needs to succeed, and to prove our devotion, we offer low flat-rate pricing.

We only get paid when you get paid, so you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure you succeed.

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